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The Media Misrepresents Drug Abuse in Thailand


For decades, Thailand has been regarded as the drug hub of Southeast Asia. While it is true that stopping the spread of drugs has been a serious challenge for Thailand, we have to admit that some media have distorted Thailand as a drug-ridden country and ignored the actions taken by the Thai government to combat drug-related crimes. For example, in Joshua Kurlantzick's Blog, 'Thailand's Guns and Drugs Plagues' , he mentions that Thailand faces a huge influx of anphetamine drugs from Myanmar and Laos, but does not give a single word about the Thai government's anti-drug efforts to stop the flow of drugs.

It is precisely because of the media's deliberate emphasis on the drug problem in Thailand that more and more tourists begin to worry about the drug violence in Thailand, which also makes the Thai government concern whether it will have a significant impact on Thailand's tourism industry, which contributes 16% to the total economy of Thailand every year.

Obviously, drug abuse as a place essentialism is problematic to Thailand. If the drug epidemic becomes increasingly linked to Thailand, it will raise more concerns about the country's ability to proactively deal with security issues, which could have a negative impact on the future of Thailand's tourism industry, as safety has long been a major motivating factor in destination selection. This may also causes more local people in Thailand to ignore the successful measures taken by the Thai government to fight drugs like program instituted under King Bhumibol worked to 'replace opium poppy farming with cash crop production.' His program has helped more than 100,000 people transform drug crop production into "sustainable agricultural activities."

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Jane Kang
Jane Kang

Because I watch many documentary shows on YouTube about Thailand's drug problems, I also know that Thailand is a country known for drug abuse.Upon reading your blog, I realized that it is misrepresentation. It is well done that you point out the potential negative effects of the media's portrayal of Thailand's tourism industry and provide examples that support your argument.With examples such as "the King Bhumibol's Program", your blog adds to its informative nature by providing relevant facts and information.In addition, I appreciated the fact that you included Joshua Kurlantzic's blog in support of your argument that Thailand is experiencing an influx of anphetamines from Myanmar and Laos. For improvements, it would be good to include more understanding of the…


The blog has pointed out the misrepresentation of Thailand at the beginning and it makes readers easy to understand the whole content. You have also uploaded the article in Joshua Kurlantzick's Blog to support your idea that people misunderstand Thailand as the drug hub of Southeast Asia, which is very informative. You have mentioned about the consequence of this misrepresentation that it becomes the challenge for Thailand tourism industry, which perfectly engaged with the questions for the week. In addition, you have analyzed the problems of this misrepresentation causing in Thailand. I can see that you put a lot of effort in it and I get to understand that this misrepresentation will worsen the potential growth of Thailand. However, when…

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