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The Meaningful International Engagement For Commerce Students


As a commerce student at Melbourne University, how can I make a meaningful international engagement in Thailand?Before I answer that question let me tell you about an organization in Bangkok, Thailand called 'Needeed' . Needeed is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping other non-profits develop plans and solutions to solve difficulties from financial, human training and technical. The biggest challenge for such non-profit organizations is how to seek more potential clients and investors to give them long-term funds and resources to promote more projects.

First of all, one way I can contribute to helping non-profit organizations like Needeed find partners and investments is through the SWOT analysis I've learned, and which help Needeed to review the current state and identify the opportunities and advantages of it holds in applying grants and developing partnerships. Moreover, for those of people who are studying product design or Web design, they can help Needeed create innovative products and websites that will attract more attention and investment. All I need to do is help them figure out and control their production costs.

The most important thing is that when I look for partners and investors for non-profits in Thailand, I don't just look at Thailand. Instead, I look for more foreign investors and organisations such as CBM and FRANKLIN TEMPLETON. Partnering with an international organization like CBM not only helps nonprofit organizations like Needeed access more resources, but also serves as a medium to learn from organizations and companies in other countries about how to operate, and to promote cultural exchanges and understanding between Thailand and other countries.

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Jane Kang
Jane Kang
13 avr. 2023

I appreciate how you identified a specific non-profit organization ("NEEDEED") and explained how commerce students can engage with it internationally. It is clear that you have a thorough understanding of the challenges facing non-profit organizations in Thailand and provide practical recommendations as to how commerce students can get involved. In addition, it describes how students can form partnerships with international organizations outside of their immediate area and make a tangible impact on another country. On the other hand, you need to improve the post structure. By using subheadings or breaking it up into smaller chunks, for instance, it could be easier to read. In addition, a conclusion that summarizes the main points and encourages readers to take action would be…


After reading your blog, I got to know about the current situation of those nonprofit organizations in Thailand. You have stated out the biggest challenge for them clearly and tried to help them with your skills. You have focused on the organizations not only in Thailand but also in other countries. The idea of contributing your SWOT skills, aiming to make a meaningful international engagement in worldwide has engaged with the questions and concepts for the week perfectly.You have also uploaded enough links to help readers with better understandings of those organizations. It will be more informative if there are links of articles that related to this situation to support this blog. However, if I was the person who wrot…

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