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Ferocious Drivers in Thailand Put Tourists At Personal Physical And Financial Risk


Thailand has been one of the high-crime countries in Asia, and the graph above shows that Thailand ranks 18th out of 46 Asian countries. In Thailand's airports and some tourist attractions, drivers of taxis or "tuk-tuk" (three-wheeled taxis) will cheat passengers and charge high fares. Even in 2012, a German tourist was taken to hospital with serious injuries after being beaten by a group of tuk-tuk drivers because he followed an argument about fares.

In order to avoid these risks, as a first time foreign tourist to Thailand, we only need to do the following. Firstly, when we arrive at the airport in Thailand, we should only choose the public transport such as the airport bus in the official airport pick-up area. In addition, we can also choose to be picked up by the driver who is employed by the hotel we live in or the official travel agency of our choice. When we take a taxi in the downtown area and tourist attractions of Thailand, we should choose the taxi company with well-known Thai officials and high safety factors, such as Krabi Taxi, and before getting on the taxi, we should also check whether there are other strange passengers besides us, because it is not very common for Thai taxis to take extra passengers.

If tourists have the misfortune to encounter these rogue drivers, you should do at least the following two things. First of fall, stay calm down and avoid confrontation with these people by giving in to their demand. Secondly, seek help from the nearby tourist police for compensation. If there is no tourist police nearby, you can also call 1155 to report the incident.

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