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Baby Rabbit--A brooding baby in a cute bunny suit


The graffiti shown above is called 'Rabbit falling from the roof 'and was created by Alex Face, one of Thailand's most renowned street artists. The graffiti was created in Chalerm La Park, a small open green space on Phayathai Road near BTS Ratchathewi station in Bangkok, Thailand, and Chalerm La Park, which occupies a cluster of abandoned buildings, is a kind of open-air gallery featuring unconventional painting techniques and street art.

The character in the graffiti is Mardi, also known as 'Baby Rabbit', and she was created by famous Thai street artist Alex Face, who was inspired by his newborn daughter. Baby Rabbit is a character who represents peace and contemplation in a chaotic world. At first glance, she seems very cute, but it doesn't take long for the audience to see the deep worry in her eyes. In my opinion, what Alex wants to express in this graffiti is that, in today's society, some people try all kinds of ways to get more wealth and status, but finally they end up falling from the sky and being crushed to pieces, which exposes the cruelty and ruthlessness of reality to people.

In recent years, 'Rabbit falling from the roof' has become an unofficial tourist attraction for more and more people to check out in Bangkok. Not only is his creator a well-known Thai artist, but Chalerm La Park, where it is located, showcases other top Thai and international graffiti artists, and Chalerm La Park also welcomes visitors from all over the world to come here and take photos to promote the local street art culture through them.

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Jane Kang
Jane Kang
Apr 13, 2023

You have chosen an excellent blogging format for including two different images with Graffiti.All the questions for this week have already been addressed by you.(Introducing graffiti, what it stands for in itself).As for the description of Alex Face's character and the reason for creating this kind of rabbit design (Background), you did quite well.However, I would like you to fix something.You need to illustrate more deeply how it became an unofficial tourist attraction in the last part.The word count for your article is almost 270 words. I think it would be better if you cut down on explaining the background (to 2-3 sentences) and focus more on "HOW IT ATTRACTED UNOFFICIAL TOURISTS". Furthermore, be careful not to express your own…


This is a cute blog and it is easy to read. I can see that you have engaged with all the questions for the week. In my opinion, you have introduced the location and the artist of this graffiti clearly to the readers. You have done a great job in describing the character within this graffiti. You have also pointed out the deep worry in Mardi’s eyes, which I did not noticed at first and this really surprised me. I really appreciate your ideas towards its representation. Besides, the images that you show in the blog support your idea that “showcases other top Thai and international graffiti artists”. You have explained the reason of this graffiti becoming an unofficial tourist…

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